live performance: BANE'S WORLD

20-yr old Shane Maurice Blanchard from Long Beach, CA is the mastermind and evil dictator behind Bane's World. His music can be described as dreamy, lo-fi, bedroom pop with guitar riffs reminiscent of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Bane's World's first album, Drowsy, came out in 2016 on Human Sounds Records and is full of gems- my personal favorite songs being "Drowsy," "Valentine's Curse," and "You Bet I Stare." An album that is full of both love and loneliness, it seems familiar, like a faint memory. It's difficult to describe, but quite lovely in that way. While only Drowsy and his newest single ("You Say I'm In Love") are available on Spotify and iTunes, Shane has a bunch of other music on his Soundcloud, such as a cover of Little River Band's "Reminiscing" and a beautifully nostalgic track titled "lady fingers." He has also recorded music with friends/artists such as Michael Seyer, Temporex, Max Gardener, Black Pool, and Box Dreams.

This past March, Shane drove up to Santa Barbara to play a live set on my radio show. It was such a special program! ☺ We both collaborated on a playlist of songs to play for the first half of the program, then Shane performed during the second half. Neither of us knew which songs the other had chosen, but our songs went really well together and ended up being a dreamy, romantic, oldies-inspired playlist that went hand-in-hand with Shane's dreamy/bedroom-eque tunes. Some artists that he chose to play included The Delfonics, George Harrison, Sade, Smokey Robinson, and more. I could definitely see some of these artists being a source of inspiration for Shane's own music.

In short, on-air conversations between songs, Shane talked about the Long Beach art scene, his current favorite musicians (Mild High Club), and how he started out as a lead guitarist in his friend Max Gardener's band (who actually performed on my show a month prior) before deciding to make his own music. Listening back on the audio recording now, we laughed/giggled a great amount even though what we were saying wasn't necessarily funny. Probably because of how nervous we both were doing a live on-air interview. Bane's World is a pretty h0t commodity here at KCSB and during his performance, about 10 of my friends crowded into the control room and Studio A to watch him play live, He played songs such as "I Must Be Wrong," "Stay Away From My Baby," "Love the View," and a cover of Angel Olsen's "Unfucktheworld." You can watch his entire set in the video linked below.

Shane is one of the nicest people I've met and definitely a down-to-earth and humble musician. If you get the lucky chance to see him play live, I absolutely recommend that you do so. I saw him play a sold-out show at OCDIY a couple weeks after he performed on KCSB, and realized just how much hype there is around Bane's World after witnessing some teenage girls ask him to sign their shoes after the show. I'm actually not that surprised; Shane has a pretty dedicated social media fanbase, with tons of comments on his Instagram pictures making remarks about how dreamy he is. Click the video links below and look at the comments and you'll see what I mean.

Because KCSB loved him so much, we asked him to come back and play a show that we hosted on May 5th with Jerry Paper, Dougie Poole, and Michael Seyer. He played a short set, but (if I remember correctly) was the only artist on the lineup who was prompted by the audience to play an encore song, which was, of course, "Drowsy." Although Bane's World solo sets are intimate and sweet, I am very excited to see Shane play with a full band sometime.

In addition to writing and recording music, Shane has filmed and edited a couple of music videos for his songs, such as "You Say I'm In Love." The colors, outfits/props, quality, and editing style in this video reminds me of a 90s commercial. It's so good. And the beginning with the eerie intergalactic sounds and the spinning paper maché Earth? Genius. This video is like a peek inside Bane's World and all the strange stuff that goes on there. There's also a neat music video for his song "Drowsy" (directed by Fiona Kane) which depicts Shane as a dreamy heartthrob covered in red lipstick prints.

Bottom line: Bane's World is pretty frickin' great and I'm not surprised by how popular he is becoming because he makes some real yummy stuff. Be sure to check out his music and follow him on social media for tweets about KBBQ and clips of him playing piano pieces comparable to Bobby Caldwell's smooth jazz tunes. Mmmm.

Instagram: @BaneSlanchard