live performance: BOYO

BOYO is the project of Robert Tilden, a 20-year old musician from Santa Monica who accurately described himself to me as "if Jerry Seinfeld played in Homeshake." If you've never heard of BOYO before, you might have heard of Rob's other projects; he plays guitar in both Surf Curse and Current Joys and was the frontman of Bobby T and the Slackers. For me, when I think of BOYO's sound, what comes to mind is melodious psychedelic pop sprinkled with a mix of falsetto vocals and lazy hazy instrumentation. Definitely catchy, definitely nice to listen to, and definitely leaves you wanting more.

BOYO is on the current roster of the LA-based independent record label Danger Collective Records, which also includes artists such as Slow Hollows, French Vanilla, and Model/Actriz. I could go on to talk about the significance of Danger Collective in the LA DIY music scene, but this recent LA Weekly article pretty much sums it up. Bottom line is: Danger Collective is an independent record label run by Reed Kanter and Jai Chebaia (both 21 years old) who recently booked their first bands at Coachella 2017 (a very big gig)! It's so refreshing and amazing to see people such as Rob, Jai, and Reed take initiative and impact the LA music scene at such a young age. I like to think that I am (maybe?) doing the same.

On a gloomy and somewhat rainy April afternoon, Rob and Jai drove up to Santa Barbara to play a BOYO solo set live on my radio show (Rob played, Jai accompanied). We started off the show with a 15-minute interview between myself and Rob, who was very friendly and happy to talk about the birth of BOYO, the LA DIY scene, making music with friends, and how he randomly met Josh Peck at a Passover dinner. After the interview, he played a solo set for around a half hour, performing tracks such as, "Good as Gone," "Control," "Bones," and some covers of The Strokes, John Lennon, and Elliott Smith songs. I was honestly blown away at how talented Rob is and how undeniably good his performance was. I'm sure you'll feel the same after watching the video of his live performance (linked below). I had never seen BOYO perform live before, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect- but now I cannot wait until the next time I get to see him (with or without a full band) again. 

"Our first real legit BOYO show at a venue- not a DIY place- was with Homeshake and Jerry Paper, and... yeah. I couldn't believe it. I was in heaven. It was amazing. It was with Jerry Paper right when Toon Time Raw! came out and Homeshake when they were previewing stuff of of Fresh Air."

As of May 2017, BOYO has released one full-length album, 1 EP, and an album of B-sides from his first, LP, Control. His latest single, "Good As Gone," which came out in January, is so tasty and is accompanied by a beautifully shot and edited music video which depicts Rob driving in a car, surrounded by psychedelic visuals and colors. Follow Rob on social media for updates about his new album, upcoming shows, and quality pictures of his face taken from quality angles.

Instagram: @hello_boyo_