live performance: SUPER LUNCH

 Photo: Angie Bandari

Photo: Angie Bandari

Meet Super Lunch, an alternative rock band from Pasadena/Glendale, CA consisting of Aiden Gilbert (vocals/drums), Evan Lytle (vocals/drums), and Owen Migel (vocals/drums). I would best describe Super Lunch's music as noisy, head-banging garage punk rock with strong vocals and high levels of energy. Crazy to think that these guys are only high schoolers. So far they have only released an EP, a few demos, and a single, but are becoming increasingly popular and super involved in the LA music scene. Their debut The Super Lunch EP was released in April 2016 by Penniback Records, an independent record label whose current roster consists of bands such as Jurassic Shark, Clit Kat, Kuromi, and Matter Room.

On their spring break, Super Lunch (and Owen's dad) drove up to Santa Barbara to play a set on my radio show at KCSB 91.9 FM. Contrary to stereotypical 'parents are lame' high school mindsets, Owen's dad is a really cool dude- they even have a song named after him"Ivan Migel," which is one of my favorite songs on The Super Lunch EP. They played an absolutely killer 30-40 minute set and performed a mix of new and old songs, including their most recent single, "No Future." There was a definite force of energy in the room, and it was rad seeing the drummer be the vocalist on a few songs and watch a couple of them switch instruments throughout the set. My personal favorite songs that they played- "Super Lunch," "No Future," "Is There Beer," and "Ivan Migel." Seeing them play in the setting of a radio show was cool, but I'm totally down to see them perform at an actual show because I can imagine how crazy the crowd gets during their set.

Aside from their live performance, we talked a lot on-air and had some pretty weird and amusing conversations. Super Lunch is weird, dude (in a really good way). Between songs, I recall some super random exclamations from Evan, such as "this song goes out to the hot sister in the Incredibles" and "shoutout Jennette McCurdy." There was also another moment between songs when Aiden just started rapping (surprisingly really fluently) while playing the drums. Before they performed on air, we had an 'interview' and talked about the usual- how they started as a band, the LA music scene, their favorite underground artists and venues, etc. After the performance, the band came into the control room, where we talked about Yo$hinoya Boyz (their rap side project?), Tuko (Owen's dog and Super Lunch mascot), iCarly, and Drake & Josh (we all exclaimed "SPHERICALl!" at the same time and it was definitely a bonding moment).

Super Lunch has finished writing songs for their new album and it should hopefully be coming out sometime soon. But again, if you don't want to wait, they do play a few new songs in the live performance video linked above. Owen and Aiden also have a synth pop side project together called Chocolate Dungeon, and here's one of those, uhh, Yo$hinoya Boyz tracks. Interesting stuff. If you live in the LA area, Super Lunch plays a ton of shows so keep your eyes peeled for those, and they did mention to me that they will be going on tour with Jurassic Shark sometime soon. Damn, I wish I was that cool when I was in high school.

Instagram: @SuperLunchh