"Looking Out For You" - Joy Again

Weewooweewoo COOL SONG ALERT weewooweewoO

Joy Again is "a lil band from PA" that has been active since 2015 and so far released one EP and a couple singles. If you don't recognize the name Joy Again, you might recognize their frontman, Arthur Shea. Arthur and bandmate, Sachi DiSerafino, used to make music under the moniker Forever Lesbians before becoming Joy Again. Arthur Shea also releases some great music under his own name (check out his Soundcloud)!

I have been listening to this specific song on repeat for the past week. This is Joy Again's debut single, "Looking Out For You." It makes me very happy and a cute lil music video plays in my head whenever I hear it. Upbeat, poppy, and so nice to listen to.

Joy Again is touring with Hoops this summer and I wish I could make one of the dates! If they're coming to your area, I would definitely consider going to the show. :)

Twitter: @JoyAgainPA