new single: "Numbers" - Temporex

Wow, Temporex does it again. His newest song, "Numbers," came out on May 15th and is reminiscent of everything I love about Temporex's previous music. Catchy, fuzzy, warm poppy synth that enters your mind garden like a breath of fresh, sweet-smelling air. Another unique part of his music is his more conversational type lyrics that is at times more similar to rap or spoken word than conventional singing.

Temporex is Joseph Flores from San Diego, CA. His debut album, Care, released this year and is a beautiful dreamy synth wonderland. I first found out about Temporex because he and Bane's World have released two absolutely delicious, tasty, and yummy tracks together called "Dream Boat" and "Gorgeous."  The former was released on Bane's World's debut album, Drowsy, last year. Honestly the two are a dream team. 

Temporex is one of the artists whom I cannot get enough of right now. I can't wait for him to release more new music; hopefully a new album is in the works! If you're interested, Flores also recently started making more explicit, rap-style music under the name "Tony Splendid™." He released a song about Kevin Jonas which is pretty sick, check it out here.

Instagram: @Temporex