new album: Little World - Zack Villere

Smooth R&B, sweeet synth, velvety pitched and pitted vocals, dorky conversation between friends-- welcome to Zack Villere's Little World. Villere, who has previously released music under the moniker froyo ma, self-released his debut album on June 16th, and it. is. g o o d.

My favorite tracks at the moment are "Cool," "You Don't Care," "Sand People," and of course the song "Minivan," which features Seattle-based rapper J'von and is so incredibly fun to listen to. Oh, and also "22" is a really good song. Ugh, they're all just really good honestly; not a dull track on the entire dang album. AND, let me bring up how beautiful and vibrant the album artwork is, as well as Villere's music video for "Cool." The COLORS! My guy, it's amazing and so aesthetically pleasing. Zack Villere is the cute 'n dorky music maker of my dreams and Little World is the soundtrack to my summer I never knew I needed.

Little World is definitely one of my favorite albums that has been released so far in 2017. 100% looking forward to future tunes that Villere releases, as well as any collaborations he has planned for the future (which will hopefully live up to his and J'von's "Minivan"). If you enjoy/enjoyed/are enjoying Little World, check out the music that Villere released under froyo ma!

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