playlist: feelin sad! ☹

Hey buddy, u sad? ☹ Feelin' p emo? ☹ Person you like actually sucks and doesn't care about you? ☹ Keep getting yr heart broken time and time again? ☹ Everyone is actually the worst and u feel like you're never gonna find someone who deserves your beautiful, open-minded, amazing self? ☹ Don't even want a partner but tired of everyone (cough, family) shoving love n marriage in your face? ☹ Just found out that Michael Moscovitz, Jess Mariano, and Dave Rygalski are fictional characters and sadly not eligible to be your real life boyfriends? BABE, I totally feel that! Wanna bask in that sad weirdness together and maybe cry a bit?

Well heck yeah because I made this lil playlist that is sure to make you feel rly empty and rly sad! But at the end of your cryfest, remember that you are the only person that matters so focus on your schoolwork and important things bc romance is actually just a distraction created by the government in order to hinder your academic performance and eventual success so that you have to rely on them forever!

1. "Tsunami" / Told Slant
2. "Eat Me Out" / dandelion hands
3. "Into Dust" / Mazzy Star
4. "Poison Oak" / Bright Eyes
5. "the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams" / Teen Suicide
6. "Bye" / Starry Cat
7, "Dagger" / Slowdive
8. "Happy and Heavy" / Broken Beak
9. "Hollow Body" / Pity Sex
10. "i was all over her" / salvia palth
11. "Chapel" / Nicole Dollanganger
12. "Lonely" / dandelion hands
13. "Rabid Bits of Time" / Chad VanGaalen
14. "Roslyn" / Bon Iver & St. Vincent
15. "Dry Hump" / Mr. Twin Sister

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love u!