"Head/Body" - Two Humans

This song of the week is long overdue. Actually it's songs of the week; but they flow into each other so seamlessly that it's difficult for me to think of them as separate. "Head" and "Body" are the first two tracks off of Two Humans' 2014 album Institute of Living, a pop punk/punk rock gem that encapsulates love, growing up, desperation, being away from home, drinking-- being in your 20's, basically.

Two Humans is a band from Hartford, Connecticut that was active from 2008-2014. I first heard of them from a friend who used to go to their house shows in Connecticut, and I've been listening to Institute of Living on repeat ever since. It makes me reminisce of house shows that I never went to and mosh pits that I never got punched in. A few of the songs on the first half of the album have been made to flow together (aka, don't listen to this album on shuffle) which is something that's really unique about this album as well. 10/10 recommend!