playlist: summer 2017

Summer 2017 was long, and so stressful, and maybe one of the most unstable seasons I've ever experienced, but it was also really good for me I guess.

Every song on this playlist is a song that I've listened to an innumerable amount of times in the past few months, and has really important or prominent memories tied to it.

Bye summer 2017, so glad 2 b done with ya!


1. "Homestead" / Two Humans

I've listened to this album, Institute of Living, countless times this summer. When I hear this song, I can place myself in so many different settings-- driving down the 101, driving up the I-25, sitting at my desk at work, being alone in my room. 

2. "Harvest Moon" / Sunflower Bean

In my most significant memory of this song, I'm in the passenger seat of a car, at a stop light. I think I'm in a different state. The sun is setting, and the air is warm, and I'm happy. : )

3. "Cactus Romantic" / Queen Moo

I can't listen to this and not expressively nod my head along with it. It reminds me of walking down Pardall, almost getting hit by a skater because I was daydreaming.

4. "Otis" / The Durutti Column

I don't know why, but this song reminds me of a very specific day-- June 13th. I had pigtails in my hair and listened to this song on repeat through my chunky Audio Technica headphones on my walk to campus. It made me feel really cool.

5. "One More Hour" / Sleater-Kinney

I spent some time this summer reading Carrie Brownstein's memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. She referenced this song in the book (as she did pretty much all Sleater-Kinney songs) but this one stuck with me because of the story behind it; it was a song that Corin wrote about Carrie when they were dating. This reminds me of warm July evenings spent at a skate park in Colorado, sitting down at a table and reading this book, while swatting away at dozens of mosquitoes.

6. "Gypsy" / Fleetwood Mac

There was an entire week where I just listened to this song on repeat on my 20-minute walk to work, so I will forever remember this song as walking in IV on August mornings/afternoons. I am also a big fan of Tigers Jaw's cover of this song.

7. "Moby Dick" / Gurr

In one memory, I'm in the passenger seat of a car driving through the mountains. In many others, I'm dancing to this song in my car (ever since I saw the music video, it's been impossible for me to not slightly move/dance to this tune).

8.. "Different Now" / Chastity Belt

I love the beginning of this song so much that I can just keep it on repeat for hours. There were a lot of weeks this summer where I was really unstable/not ok, but during the most recent one, this song was my anchor. It made me feel pretty calm, and pretty ok.

9. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" / Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell

OKAY, I had to include this song. I have weirdly heard this song an absurd number of times this summer... as well as Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

10. "Disorder - 2007 Remastered Version" / Joy Division

Oh boy

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