playlist: winter 2018

Winter went by so fast. I made some changes in my life: left my job, adopted a cat, started focusing more on myself and my health, and spent a lot more time with my friends. Still trying to recover from a lot of manipulative, stressful, and traumatic experiences that happened in Fall, but I'm really happy with how this quarter turned out. And I turned 21!!! :)

Also, it's been a frickin' FANTASTIC quarter of music. I think I went to at least one show every week. And so many new releases. Wow


1. "The Fly" / Babylawns

Babylawn's debut album Sorry It's Like This came out in November and I just love it so much. This specific track, "The Fly," reminds me of my entire month of December.

2. "Space Ship, Space Dick" / Espresso

Espresso came up to Goleta to play a show at the Hard to Find and it was SO fun seeing them play this song live. I listened to it on repeat for a whole week after the show! It's a ridiculous song

3. "Relax Upon Re-Entry" / hotbrothers

hotbrothers is so underrated and I hope they release more music soon! This song tears at my heart and makes me feel a lot of emo things.

4. "This Will Be Our Year" / Dear Nora

I've been listening to a lot of Dear Nora this Winter and actually just bought tickets to go see them in Los Angeles in May, which is pretty crazy. I can't believe they are releasing new music; Dear Nora has been such a staple in my life lately.

5. "Fast Car" / Tracy Chapman

This song reminds me of driving down the 101 at 3 in the morning.

6. "Winter Snakes" / Joy Again

I saw Joy Again live in LA in February and I'm SO HAPPY that I did. It was definitely a highlight of my quarter. They played this song and it was soo beautiful to hear live, but it reminded me of this memory I had... back in Summer, I'd listen to this song and imagine myself in Connecticut in the snow. It seemed like the perfect song to go along with the little montage happening in my head. I didn't end up going to Connecticut, and this song made me sadly nostalgic for something that I wanted so badly, but didn't end up with.

7. "Home Alone" / beabadoobee

Bea released a new EP and it's a wonderful little collection of bedroom pop songs produced by Oscar Lang of Pig. If only I had this kind of talent wow

8. "Still Clean" / Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy has been a HUGE part of my life in the past few months. She just released a new album and I'm seeing her in LA in April! This song in particular freaking SPEAKS TO ME. The lyrics are so reminiscent of my own emotions and experiences.

9. "The Bus Song" / Jay Som

I saw Jay Som play with Japanese Breakfast and Hand Habits and it was absolutely amazing! I was filled with so much love that night. I love women. I love Filipinas. I love this song. I love Jay Som!

10. "June" / Tigers Jaw

I saw Tigers Jaw live for the first time and it was wonderful, even if I did almost die in the pit. This song is nice.