new album: Routines - Hoops

Less than two weeks ago, Indiana-based group Hoops released their debut album, Routines, off Fat Possum Records. Lemme tell you: this album is good. Fuzzy, lo-fi psychedelic pop with some definite 70s vibes. My favorite tracks at the moment: "All My Life," "On Top," and "Management."

For a band that just released their first album, they already have a pretty large following and are going on tour with PARTS and Joy Again (!!) this May/June. I think it's a pretty solid album, although man, I really love their Hoops EP (2016). "Cool 2" and "Gemini" were my introduction to their music and I personally don't think any of their new songs have topped them.

By the way, Fat Possum Records? Pretty dang nice label; they've released music from artists such as Andrew Bird, Jackson Scott, Minor Victories, Melody's Echo Chamber, Yuck, Tennis, Sunflower Bean, and many many more. Releasing their first album on Fat Possum is definitely a great opportunity and I'm excited to see where Hoops goes next.

Instagram: @HoopsBand